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Friday, November 13 2015

Cavaliers Aim To Feature Kevin Love More Prominently This Season

Cleveland_Cavaliers.jpg Cleveland Cavaliers open the year 2 of the big three eras. They start the new season with great composition of the three players. Many people said that they expect the team to be like that until the season ends. They have a big hope about the successful of the. But, that’s not what Lebron James thinks. He said that he’s currently wants to reshuffle the order and he wants to feature with Kevin Love more prominently for this season. James explained that he felt comfortable when he plays with Kevin Love and Love got a year under his belt. In that case, James had big expectation towards Kevin Love. James believes that Love will do something that prior our expectation. It’s because of his outstanding performance at the game and his ability to play according to the system that the team has made for him. There are many talented players out there. But not all of them can play under the system. Some of them are kind of selfish and want to play according to their want. That maybe works for the individual game. But since it’s the team’s game, they need to play under the rule and the system that the team has been prepared for the whole team players. There are actually many things that will make us agree with James’s opinion about Kevin Love. Love has been actively playing and together with the teammates making three All-Star teams from 2011 until2014. Love has also get the title of the Most Improved Player in November 2011 by averaging get the 26.1 points of gaudy, 12.5 rebounds, and also 4.4 assists that he get per game back in the final season that held in Minnesota. That’s really amazing, right? That’s why James is really supporting Love to play prominently this season. But that’s not the only things that captured people’s attention. In his last season, Love got 9.7 rebounds, 16.4 points, and 2.2 assist per game while he’s quite often to appear in ill fit for the Coach David Blatt’s schemes. He’s also being placed in the second place for the power forwards when he plays for the Timberwolves. And when with other power forwards players in the all teams, he’s being placed in the 20th. That’s a big number actually when he’s not actually a veteran than already play for more than 15 years. That’s why Love has big chance to become a greater player and that’s why James wants him. When the reporters asked Love about his opinion about his role on Tuesday, he deferred to James with the same way James deferred to Love. He said that he wants to try out and he also believes that they all will feel comfortable that way. He said that he always thinks to resets his career in every season. In that way, he can start the season with fresh start. It’s not only about his performance in the game but also his relationship with his teammates, the coach, and the staff.

Saturday, October 31 2015

Derrick Rose has surgery for orbital fracture; expected back in 2 weeks

Derrick_Rose.jpg Sad news came from the Bulls point guard, Derrick Rose. He needs to go under a surgery in Wednesday morning because of his elbow fracture. He got the fracture when he practices with the team in Tuesday. The representative of the team said that Derrick Rose needs to rest for about two weeks after the surgery, before he can start his daily activity as a basketball player. Many people are wondering about Rose’s condition since it’s important for the player to get super healthy hands. To calm the fans, Fred Hioberg -the head coach- said that there’s no any structural damage in the Rose’s elbow. That’s purely fracture and it can be repaired to normal elbow so we don’t have to worry about that. Furthermore, Hioberg said that Rose is still in Great Spirit even though he hurts his elbow. He said that he has texting with Rose on Tuesday night and he seems like he’s in normal condition, just like when he’s in his great shape. He said that Rose was expected to be able to come back to the game right away after his condition getting better after the two weeks hiatus. Hioberg said that Rose is an exceptional. When people are usually need time to back to their condition after the surgery or other health issues, it’s not the case for Rose. He believed that Rose will be in his 100% shape right after he got the two weeks rest. The other teammates of Rose said that Rose is such an amazing player. He’s already with the team since the 2011-12 seasons and he’s still in great condition after he got many health issues. They said that Rose come back right away after the certain times of the rest in great shape and spirit like he never got the health issues. That goes the same for the previous three serious knee injuries. That’s why Rose’s teammates believe that this elbow fracture will be the same like the previous injuries. Rose's teammates, like many within the organization, can't believe the 26-year-old point guard has suffered another setback. Rose has played in just 100 regular-season games since the 2011-12 season because of various health issues, including three serious knee injuries. The center player, Joakim Noah, said that Rose is good. He said that it’ll be really sucks when they got the injuries because you can’t play the game with your teammates. But Noah said Rose is all right when he’s got the injuries or after he treated. Another teammate, LeBron James, said that he feels bad because he’s not at the practice to see what happened and he feels unfortunate for him. He said that he always feel bad for the teammates that need to undergo the surgery. He also wishes for Rose to quickly recovered and back to the game. Bull’s big man, Pau Gasol, said that Rose is a tough guy so he’ll be alright after the surgery. He said that sometimes we found some bad things in life, but we still need to keep walking so our like works out the way we want.

Tuesday, October 27 2015

Blue Jays clinch the 1st AL-East crown in 22 years with rout of Orioles

Toronto_Blue_Jays.jpg What kinds of reactions that you probably have when you get an amazing title after you wait for a long time? Crying? Laughing? Toronto Blue Jays got the 1st AL East title in 22 years and they express their happiness by yelled, jumped, and hugged each other. It’s actually kind of amazing when Blue Jays got this title, well, it’s kind of hard to predict two months ago. They’re in the stage where their playing is not that stand out. But on Wednesday game, they prove us wrong. They get 12-2 rout of Baltimore and they make their amazing conclusion in the late-season run. The strong pitcher at eight innings, Marcus Stroman, said that the stadium was filled with Blue Jays fans. They keep give great support to the team in the whole game. People are really excited when they knew that the team has won this season. There’s a second game that needed to be played so that the team can’t celebrate their winning right away. After the game, the team is ecstatic and happy. They can only spending 30minutes to have a happiness moment because of the second game. But Stroman believed that they will have a celebration postgame. The general manager, Alex Anthopoulos, said that they feel like they are really a good team right after the game ended. He felt like the last two months are the best moments where the players playing really good and they really chase the title. He adding that they play New York for many times that’s why they can play really well. They’ve try the Twins, the Rangers, and the Orioles. He said that the result might be different if they didn’t play New York as much as these times. Even though Baltimore is right in front of the winner title, they ended up have to give the title to Blue Jays. The manager of Baltimore, Buck Showalter, said that Blue Jays are really worth to win. They have been working so hard and they earned what they should earn with the hard job. He said that it’s indeed disappointment since they really want the title and they just need a little bit more before they can ended up win the game. But they said that they will do better in the future. He said that the game result this season will be a challenge for Baltimore mentally and emotionally to be more prepared in other games in the future. They got to be eliminated in the pre elimination games too so the results of the game can be predicted. Indeed, winning after waiting for such a long time is really amazing. It’s all because of the teamwork and all the great performance that they did in the game. It’s great to know that Blue Jays win and we expect something greater in the future. It’s the happy ending for Blue Jays yet they can’t be feeling too relaxed for a long time because the new season has waiting. Let’s hope for the best for the team that give great performance in the games in the new season.

Friday, October 23 2015

Shumpert was Informed to Take a Rest Because of His Wrist Injury

Imam_Shumpert.jpg Cleveland Cavaliers brought an issue in this week about one of the players, Imam Shumpert. He got an injury on his right wrist and he had to have the surgery during this week. As it was announced on Tuesday, the tea, told that he would take three months bed rest so that he could not join in the team on that time. In the few days before the training camp began to start, Shumpert had a ruptured unlary so he could not join in the training camp. As the schedule went, the camp should be started on Tuesday for all the team members. He had MRI Scan to examine the condition of him which was examined by two specialists. The conclusion of the doctors said that he positively had the injury on his wrist. On the other hand, the general manager of Cavaliers, David Griffin said that Shumpert was told by the team as he got latent soreness on the wrist so that he needed to be out of the training camp. The manager then added than he already worked so hard in this off season, so it would be so bad when he could not join in the camp in this season. Then, he remembered the moment when Shumpert hit the rim using his wrist that caused him to have the injury on the area. Griffin was sure that it was Shumpert who was trying to catch the lob when he was playing. Regarding to the injury that Shumpert suffered this time, the manager said that his wrist was looser and he needed to have natural healing to recover the condition. He just could not wait for the injury to have natural healing to make it get better again. However, a surgery is the best way to go that will make her recovered soon. Based on the schedule of the Cavaliers, he was scheduled to take the time to rest for 3 months or more. He got a little injury on his wrist that made him when he was doing the practice at the high school. At that time, he was no aware that the injury would be that serious in the end as the thought that he felt nothing and he was ready to join in the camp. In fact, the manager said that Shumpert was waiting for the result of his evaluation and it would not make any change for the team. It is because the show must go on and he would not make anything get worse. Regarding to his career in the Caveliers, he was entering the 5th season in the team. He had also signed the contract for $40 million. The contract that he made was until July. He had good record in basketball as his average. It is reported that the average of him was about 7.2 for the point, 1.5 assist and 3.8 rebound. This time he should concern to heal the injury so that he could be able to join in the next match.

Tuesday, October 20 2015

James Guaranteed that Thompson would be Back to Cavaliers

LeBron_James.jpg The issues of Cleveland Cavaliers in which LeBron James kept pressuring them to make Tristan Thompson get the sign about the contract to the team would be the more pressure for the team. It seemed that they were made so difficult about the condition. In addition, James also wanted them to grant the requirement of salary asked by Thompson. Well, this was a big deal for the team as they faced to choices in which they could not avoid on both of them. The team wanted Thompson to comeback, but it would be harder for them to get what he asked for. When James was asked about the plan, he admitted that he had the negotiation that he made with Cavaliers and the fellow of Thompson on Tuesday. During the plan about the new contract made by him and the team, Thompson would not attend the camp for training. If only the deal had been made, then he could join with the team again. Then, the media ask for one question to James about the agent that will be shared with Thompson. He replied shortly that he already answer it about the agent in which Thompson would share within a very clear statement. He added that he would not tell anymore about the deal between Thompson and the team. It is because he thought that he had already talked about that in the last interview. Also, he told that he guarantee both of sides will get the best decision made by them. He promised that Thompson will be rejoining in the team as soon as the deal was made as well. On the other hand, Thompson seemed to be absent again in the media day of Cavaliers on Monday. It happened when James had talked about the possibility of rejoining in the team again. As it was reported that, Thompson would come on Thursday to have the offer about one-year qualification in which the amount was 6.9 million. This amount would lead him as the free played until the following summer. A source revealed about the demand of Thompson telling that he had the team chosen one of the two choices. One is that the team should spend about $53 million for three year contract. Then, another one is the team should pay for him about $94million for five year contract. The issue is then caught on the reaction of the manager of Cavaliers, David Blatt. It seemed that Blatt was taken the existence of Thompson for granted in the team. He told that he did not have any update from Thompson. Also, he thought that the importance of Thompson in the team was not that much important. However, he still expected that he would come back to the team as soon as possible. Here, the deal between Thompson and Cavaliers seemed to be another problem that should be resolved soon. It is because the team should go for fighting on the field on the next season so he wanted the best for the team.

Friday, October 16 2015

Byrant’s Reply Due to His Retirement Question

MVP Bryant Basketball It might be something that made Kobe Bryant got bored with a question in almost last seven months. The question is about if the match will be his last matched at NBA season. These issues were dominantly blown up among him and his team. He began to enter the 20th of NBA when he was 37 years old. Furthermore, he had successfully cracked the record as the longest period of the season that held the consistency to stay in one franchise. Due to the reason, media was wondering about the Bryant’s future plan when he was interviewed by the media on Monday. On the other hand, Bryant made his explanation about all the things in the offseason in the interview. Regarding to the question, he added that he had not made any decision about that plan. In addition, he was in the choice whether he would be affected by plan A or plan B. He was in deep contemplation about the career as it was a serious thing that he could not make it without any consideration. When this was the time he would not be retired, then he should go fighting to the next season as he was very ready for that. In addition, he said that he did not have too much time to concern about the future plan or clearly about his retirement. Hence, it might be concluded that the retirement would not be the decision that he made in this year. Regarding to his career as the basketball player, it took a moment when he had to take off the rotator cuff because of his injury. By this accident, he needed to end the season in 2014 – 2015 to have a total recovery. He stopped joining in the NBA season after having 35 matches of the year. When he had recovered from his injury, then he was very happy to be able to join in the field again. He liked to join in the new atmosphere of the team in which there would be so many younger players in the team. Therefore, he could share any experience to his fellow basketball players. What he felt was just the excitement that he could continue what he love and he would give the strength totally to the team. This was good also for the team as they might learn so many things from the legend how to beat the opponent off. Phil Jackson who was known as the President of New York Knicks and coach of Bryant said that he had coached him for almost 11 years with 5 winning when he was in Lakers. He was really sure about the next winning in which Bryant could made in this season. He wanted his trainee could do the best as he can to be the champion of the tournament in the season. This is a brand new day for Bryant as he would go fighting stronger and stronger again to defeat the opponent and the team will be the winner.

Wednesday, October 14 2015

Ibaka Comeback as The Great Issue for The Thunder

Oklahoma_City_Thunder.jpg This year must be a year with lots of issues blown up around Oklahoma City Thunder. It is because Kevin Durrant made his comeback after recovering from his knee injury. His comeback must be something that The Thunder looked forward to happening as the performance of Durrant was beyond amazing. It is as important as the comeback of Serge Ibaka as he was the one who could strengthen the team’s defense. For your information, there were same records made by him, such as, he was the defense of the team in three times, the leader of leauge blocks in two times and so on. However, he had to pass the match in the last season due to his knee injury that made him recover his condition totally. Ibaka’s record with Thunder totally had 64 matches in which the team got 99.0 points per match. In addition, there were some moments in which he did not take part to go fighting with the team which was 18 matches. Oklahoma City was sliding his point that turned to be 108,3 point. On the other hand, when it belonged to Durrant’s chance, he who was called as the 6 foot with 10 power will take over the win again for the Thunder. Ibaka was interviewed by the media and he said that he felt so great. In addition, he was already looking forward to joining with the team again. He just could not wait to go fighting on the field. The comeback of Ibaka had been welcomed by the Thunder as the member would no longer work harder. In the last season, the offensive player was improved a lot and it turned up into 7.8 rebounds and 14.3 points. In addition, the Durrant also said about the comeback of Ibaka that he would make the team play in dynamic performance. Moreover, Ibaka will improve the spirit of the team to play much better as well. He was to strengthen the team as he was good at shoot-blockers in the tournament. His position was very athletic as two-way player in the match. Durrant was so happy to celebrate his comeback as Ibaka could be able to fight on the field with the Thunder again. Then, he turned back the time when Ibaka could not have the field with the members because of his recovery. He thought that he was the golden key of the team. The moment when Ibaka needed to take a live in the end of 2014 that fight over the San Antonio in the first of 2 games. At that time, he got injury at the calf on the left side so that he needed to be out of the match. As the consequence, San Antonio was the winner of the game and they continued to the next game. That must be so worse for the Thunder that they were turned down to the bottom along their matches’ record. In conclusion, Ibaka’s comeback was expected to make the team turned up again as the strong team.

Wednesday, October 7 2015

Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck day-to-day With Shoulder Injury

pagano.jpg Having a serious injury that requires intensive treatment is really sucks. That’ll be worse in case of athlete because they need physically condition healthy. Well, unfortunately, that’s what happened to the quarterback player of Indianapolis Colts, Andrew Luck. The Colts coach, Chuck Pagano, said that he needs to do day-to-day treatment for his right shoulder injury. Pagano said that even though Luck’s condition may seems bad, it’s actually not that bad. Luck can still play in the game with his teammates. Furthermore, Pagano said that Luck will be participating the next Sunday game when Indianapolis Colts against Jacksonville Jaquars. When the reporters asked him about the possibility of Luck join the team, Pagano said that he’s extremely believe about Luck will join the game. Pagano explained that Luck joins the routine training with other teammates. He joins the team when the warm-up session. But when he starts the individual training, he only handed the ball off to running backs. He can’t really throw the ball because the right shoulder that got injury is the throwing shoulder. It’s true that the player needs to throw the ball to other players at the game, but that’s not the only way to pass the ball. You can still pass it by giving the ball directly in short distance. That’s why with Luck’s condition, it’s still okay to play in the game. The good thing is the fact that the team is using three players of the backup quarterback for the throwing ball’s jobs. Those players are Donte Moncrief, Matt Hasselbeck, and T.Y.Hilton. They will play the game with throws and receives. There’ll be also the quarterback, Alex Tanney, that practicing throwing the ball. When Luck was asked about the next game that he will participate, he said that he didn’t felt as good as the usual because he can’t use his right shoulder as it used to. He said that since he take the treatment day-by-day, he expect him to get called to play in the game and he said he still need to know more about the details for the Sunday game. It’s actually quite sad since Luck has given a nickname “human jugs machine” by Hesselbeck. He said that Luck is the player that automatically like football-throwing device because in his majority performance he usually throwing the ball. Luck said that the injuries won’t stop him from continuing his career in NFL. In total, he’s already sacked 105 times during his career. Pagano keeps saying things about keeping Luck in the game and let us know that Luck is alright. But Luck gives us vague answer in the latest interview. Luck said in the Monday interview that football is the physical game. He said that the routine things that happened to the player are getting in the plane for going to the game, and then got injuries and bruises. That’s something that normal for the players and they just need to follow that. He said that he feels that he just need to do the business as usual. He just needs to play, get some injuries, and got the treatment.

Tuesday, October 6 2015

Lawyers from Derrick Rose Wants Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Discarded


The attorney of Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose point guard of the Bulls denied that she was sexually accused and is asking for the civil complaint against Rose and also the two of his friends to be thrown out. According to the court documents filed in Thursday on the Los Angeles. The TMZ also reported in Tuesday and also sheds new light on the some of the details about the case which was also originally filed by the accuser in the August 26. Rose also through his lawyer asserts on the new documents that the accuser is upset about in the part of because she was not reimbursed for a sex toy. Rose said in Monday “I will be Prove that I’m innocent,” and also he says "But at the same time, the suit hasn't affected to anything. It's not true at all. I will take it as a motivation for me. And I feel like the devil's just working besides me. I feel like I'm on the right and also the good track as far as where I want to be at in my life and the which kind of direction that I want to go. And I just feel like when you're that focused, people will try to take you down with everything, so I'm very confident that I will be proven that I’m innocent." Rose also one of the very finest basketball player that really known well in the basketball sport world. And of course with this incident happen, it’ll makes the team at risk and of course it’ll makes the team at worse condition, because one of the their players had something to do with law issue. But, of course we hope the best for all of them and want to see Rose on the field again with a very fine condition. As long as this happen, of course Rose can’t focus on the games. And also it’ll makes his performance down which can be a nightmare for the team. The Chicago Bulls also officially announce that they will also update on the news and always notify the reporter about his case. So, we just need to stay until it’s happen. In the original sue or civil complaint, Rose and also two of his friends are accused about gang raping the woman who indentified as Jane Doe and breaking on her residence. In the new documents, Rose’s lawyer asserts that sexual contact was consensual. The accuser also exchanged friendly text messages with the men after the incident. And the accuser buzzed Rose and also his two friends into her complex. Rose lawyer also seeking for all legal fees to paid back. Rose also says that the women became really upset with Rose for not being responsive enough to text her. It’s all according to the court document. Rose attorney also accusing of three the plaintiff’s lawyer of making “extortionate and unprofessional demands” for payments by the point guard of the Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose to the woman and we all hope this case can be solve as soon as possible.

Tom Broady Suspension

184901093SH00022_New_Englan The request of NFL and NFL players has been granted by the federal appeals court to expedite about hearing on the league’s appeal that struck down suspension of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The agen bola terpercaya court itself will about hearing between the players and also NFL itself. Brady will guarantees virtually that he will play in the entire regular season an also postseason without any threat of being suspended about his role in deflate gate. The NFL’s playoffs and also their wild card will begin in January 9 2016 next year. In the AFC and also NFC championship games also sets for January 24 and the last is the super bowl that scheduled on the February 7. The team also will notify us about the latest new from Tom Brody about his playing in the League. So, we all can sits back and relax while the courts progress. The decision also will filed in this Tuesday and ordered the NFL to open the file in the opening brief on October 26 and also Brady’s attorney and the NFLPA need to answer by December 7. NFL will have the last word in its appeal until December 21 to reply. And apply then will be heard as early as possible in the first week of February 1 2016. Tom Broady known as the good player on the field and his performance also really amazing which can makes enemies feels really bad and also without him, his team will be in danger, because he also the main members of the team which means his also the best player who makes the team stronger. Tom Brady was suspended on his first four games on this season. And also he suspended from the Super Bowl champion also docked for $1 million and 2 draft picks after the league investigation that found the team provide improperly inflates footballs for AFC. The title game against Indianapolis Colts on January 2015 Brady appealed his suspension and it was something that upheld on July 28 by the NFL Commissioner Goodell Roger. And then Brady Appealed on the suspension in the federal court. On September 3, US Court District Judge Richard M. Berman will overturned the suspension. The NFL also appealed Berman’s decision for the US Appeals of Court. Brady has started the patriots on the first three games and the team led about 3-0. On the football world Broady was a good player, have a good performance and also one of the good player ever. And the suspension will make the team at risk. So, we hope all the best for both the team and also for the Tom Broady. And we all need to do is just waiting for the new information about his suspension or can he play in the next games or he’ll missed the entire games on the next season which also means a disaster for the team itself. So, we are all hope for the best of the team and also for the Tom Broady.